The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the adoption of digital technologies and spawned the vigorous development of the digital economy, the Asia-Pacific region has stepped into digital age, e-Commerce continues to accelerate, and physical stores remain just as important with unique retail experiences coming back in full force. In the second half of retail digitization, the all-round digitization of "people" has broken the original boundaries of "people, goods, and markets", giving the physical industry the opportunity to not only achieve digital access under the trend of digitization, but also create a comprehensive touchpoints, establish a more three-dimensional connection with consumers, and create a seamless experience and transformation across scenarios for users, thereby bringing new opportunities for the growth of enterprises.

At the same time, the Gen Z consumers are gradually becoming the main force of society and family. Their pursuit of a better life is more urgent, and their consumption value propositions are more diverse, which also leads to more abundant consumption scenarios, Demands are more diversified, behaviors are more differentiated, and new consumption trends are imminent. The new consumer groups have more quality, more convenient, and more fashionable lifestyles, prompting consumers to have diversified contacts, differentiated paths, and accelerated changes. The value chain under the new consumption trend is being reshaped.

Taking"Transformation, Development, Digitalization" as its gist, the summit will focus on digital e-commerce, smart stores, omni-channel new retail, data marketing, consumer interactive experience, smart supply chain and logistics and other fields. By integrating front-end big data, optimizing omni-channel construction and digital marketing, Restructure the back-end supply chain to win in the data-driven retail market in Asia.


Day One, Feb. 22

  • In the Post-epidemic Era, the Way to Implement Retail Digital Transformation
  • New Consumers, New Trends and New Consumption
  • Reasons Why Digital Optimisation is a MUST to Maximise Business Outcomes in a Data-Driven Economy
  • Customer-oriented, the Digital transformation for Retails
  • Round Table Dialogue : Based on the Potential o f Generation Z, Jointly Explore New Consumption Opportunities in the Meta-universe Era
  • In The Digital Age, The Way To Survive And Develop In Retail Industry
  • Managing Innovation To Reconstruct Consumer Experience In Digital Age
  • Two Way Interaction Between Brand and Customer, Loyalty Marketing In The Age Of Digital Transformation
  • Content Drives Value Growth, Create Metaverse Brand IP Matrix To Promote Youth Marketing
  • Future + Strategy: Building The Omni-channel With Consumers As The Center
  • Marketing Innovation Of DTC In The Digital Word
  • Panel Discussion: How to Provide Consumers with An Undifferentiated Shopping Experience And Create A DigitalOmni-channel Strategy
  • In The Digital Age, The Way To Survive And Develop In Retail Industry
  • In The Big Data Scenario, The Best Practice Of Cost Reduction And Efficiency Increase
  • In the Background of 'New Retail', How Brands Reinforce the Ecommerce Strategies
  • Reducing The Economic Burden of Retailers, The Operation Of Stores
  • AI+BigData, Digitalization of Human Resources Helps Retail Enterprises Run Efficiently
  • In The Digital Age, The Way To Survive And Develop In Retail Industry
  • New Thinking Of Reducing Cost And Increasing Efficiency In Marketing
  • Panel Discussion: Thoughts On Regaining Net ProfitIn Retail

Day Two, Feb. 23

  • Iteration, Upgrading and Evolution of Retail Supply Chain---Risk Challenges in the Post-epidemic Era
  • Logistics Innovation Drives the E-commerce Development
  • Digital and Mobile Payment Drives the Retail Innovation
  • Excellent IT Architecture in the Digital Retail Age
  • Digital Supply Chain and CRM Drives the Retai l Innovation
  • Round Table Dialogue: How to Change the Log istics Supply Chain in the Post-Epidemic Era?
  • The Future Retail: Reconstruction of the Consumers, Goods and Scenes
  • Digital Store Empowers Omni-channel Retail Strategy
  • Excellent Solutions for Unmanned Stores
  • Unbounded Retail--the New Opportunites for the Ecommerce
  • Innovating Store Operations to Optimize Consumer Experience
  • Consumption Upgrade Stimulates Cross-border E-commerce Development
  • Scenario Reconstruction of New Retail Industry Modality for Luxury E-commerce



Retail Digital Transformation

The balance of power in the retail industry has tipped decisively. Digital is empowering customers. Range and pricing is transparent; loyalty is scarce. New channels and competitors are setting expectations of convenience, value and experience that are hard to match profitably. However disrupted they are today, retailers know they must evolve quickly, and keep evolving, because this revolution will continue.

E-commerce Innovation

Gone are the days of shopping at traditional retail stores. Today, e-commerce plays a significant role in how businesses sell and consumers buy. It accelerates the buying process and enables cost reduction. Now, companies around the globe can enjoy access to a broadened target market and affordable advertising.

Digital Marketing Innovation

Digital marketing refers to the creation and dissemination of content through digital media channels—websites, landing pages, social media, email, and mobile applications—and the promotion of that content using a variety of strategies across paid, earned, and owned digital channels, including SEO, SEM, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content syndication, social, email, text, and more.

Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation

Digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0 and national digitalisation initiatives, has given rise to demand for DSC graduates. E-commerce and COVID-19 have disrupted traditional supply chains, accentuating the need for digital transformation. Supply chain and logistics companies are increasingly adopting new technologies and developing new capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and robotics as part of the transformation efforts.

Retailtech Next: Metaverse

The Metaverse will transform how retailers interact with customers, how work is done, what products and services companies offer, how they make and distribute them, and how they operate their organizations. Just like the beginning of the digital era, retailers that accelerate through this wave of technology disruption will likely be those who are better positioned for the future. The good news is that retailers have more notice of what's to come and can start investing and experimenting today.

Customer Experience Innovation

In a market flooded by endless product options, retail success comes down to one thing: customer experience. But delivering a memorable and consistent retail customer experience in an omni-channel world is easier said than done. The transactional relationship between retailers and their customers have largely evolved and new expectations are in place. Physical and digital experiences must flawlessly connect, operational efficiency must be achieved and data must be effectively utilized to develop useful customer insights.


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Part of Previous Speakers

Benjienen Toledo

Digital Campaign Analyst
Jaslyin Qiyu

Head of Client, Channels and Content Marketing
Citibank Singapore
Supriya Jain

Director & Founder
Novela Digital
Rajesh Kumar

CEO Overseas
Ferns N Petals
Mukesh Patnaik

General Manager-Marketing
Nawaz Imam

Group Head of Strategy
Hyphen Group
Astha Kalbag

Viswanath Ramaswamy

Senior Director, Oral & Would Care Asia Pacific
Johnson & Johnson
Linda Hassan

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Malaysia and Singapore
Domino's Pizza
Anindya Dasgupta

Global Head of Consumer Business, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer
Marion Micoud

Managing Director
CBA Asia
Avis Easteal

Regional Head of Consumer
Raju Nair

Managing Director - Regional Head Customer Journey Experience
DBS Bank
Karen Chan

Head of Digital
C & J Clark Asia Pacific
Kabir Gossain

Customer Director - Modern Trade & Omni Channel
Jake Shepherd

Head of Retail in Asia Pacific
Giulio Xiloyannis

Managing Director, MY, TW, HK & SG
Mayank Srivastava

Director - Finance and Strategy
Mukesh Patnaik

General Manager-Marketing
Rajesh Kumar

CEO Overseas
Ferns N Petals
Damien Dupont

Head of MarTech Product
Central Retail
Vivek Kumar

Sarah Mathews

Director Media Partnerships APAC
Hans Lopez-Vito

Hannah David

Senior Creative Manager
Ohmyhome Pte. Ltd.
Lanyifan Rani

Head Of Marketing
Arvind Sethumadhavan

The AI Living Lab
Mesut Keles

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
Natee Srirussamee

Senior Vice President Digital Retail
The Mall Group
Justin Joseph

Group Head of Digital Marketing & CRM, SEA
Landmark Group



InnoRetail set up the award which aims to encourage retailers, brand owners, retail technology and various retail enterprise service solution providers with potential for technological innovation and business innovation, and promote digital innovation and openness in the new retail field. The construction of the ecosystem promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The award will be discussed and selected by a jury committee composed of professionals from industry associations, industry alliances, media and consulting companies and other institutions. Platform and media volume Industry and social release and recommendation. For the application process, please refer to the "Award Application Form" or consult with the Organizing Committee.

  • Most Innovative Brand Award of the Year
  • Emerging Brand Value Award of the Year
  • Retail Innovation Brand Award of the Year
  • Digital Marketing Innovation Award of the Year
  • Outstanding Smart Store Solution Award of the Year
  • Consumer Interactive Creatvity Award of the Year
  • Omni-channel Consumer Experience Award of the Year
  • Outstanding CRM Solution of the Year
  • Best Social Marketing Platform Award of the Year
  • Outstanding Digital Transformation Solutions of the Year
  • Outstanding AI Solutions Award of the Year
  • Innovative Applications of Big Data of the Year
  • Outstanding Information Service Provider of the Year
  • Outstanding Digital Transformation Solutions of the Year

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